Friday, September 07, 2007

Sports in Gangwondo

The Tour De Korea is apparently running right now. For the past five years, the cycling race has gone on in my backyard and I have never been able to see any part of it. Watching the cyclists on their long races would not be that exciting - "here they come, there they go, time to go home." but in Yangyang they do some laps on a relatively short course so there is more to be seen. I have always had to work or otherwise been busy when the race is in town.

This year, I just feel sorry for the riders. The weather has been crappy and cycling (those bikes typically don't have fenders to block rain off the tires) would be miserable and possibly dangerous. Good luck to all of them.

I saw signs in Gangneung for Winter 2018 -yep, those are Olympic numbers and Pyeongchang is trying again. I'm sick of it - good luck to them but I hope it's a low key thing for a few years.

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Masuro said...

I wish they would spend my tax dollars on something useful, like building bicycle lanes on all the roads.