Sunday, September 30, 2007

Laughing stock of the meteorlogical community...

...and other annoyances.

1) Internet Explorer has chosen to list the URL three times. I now almost exclusively use Firefox.

2) Hey, tomorrow's September 31! If they get this wrong, and I don't feel reckless in saying that the days of the year are fairly predictable, how can we trust their weather reports?

3) Actually, this is okay. The website was only able to afford a few icons so clear nights are symbolized by the sun. I honestly enjoy seeing that we will have sunny skies between twelve and three am.

I did not link to the website, but you can see the URL in the photo -THREE frickin' TIMES!


Jon Allen said...

It does make you wonder: if they cannot even forecast the date for the next day how good the are going to be at the weather.

I saw the same behaviour of the website several months ago and was kicking myself for not blogging about it, so well done for getting the screen shots.

Since all my attempts at trying to contact webmasters at any Korean sites have ended in complete failure to elict any response, I did not even try to contact them to point out how laughable their site is.

Are you going to try emailing them?

kwandongbrian said...

"well done for getting the screen shots." - The amusing thing is I don't know how to 'get a screen shot'. I actually used my camera to take a picture of the screen.

I suppose I could email them but the date thing is a minor annoyance. In the bigger picture, I am upset with the actual weather forecasting. I don't know how to complain about that in any kind of constructive way so I'll look elsewhere for my weather reports.

skindleshanks said...

Screenshots are very easy--simply press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard, and the screenshot is automatically saved to the clipboard, which then you can paste into any program.
If you want to capture a single window, press ALT and the PrtScr buttons together.

Happy September 34th, btw.

skindleshanks said...

Actually, though, the corner of your screenshot is out of focus, and I am actually looking for a Korean weather site that shows windspeed--could you perhaps post the link?

kwandongbrian said...

Thanks for the tip on taking a 'screen shot'.

The URL is:

again, part of my post was about the KMA not being all that accurate, so read with a grain of salt.