Sunday, September 23, 2007

Enjoying the (whole) day

I took the little guy to the beach around noon today and saw two white women with bikes studying a map. We went over to talk to them and I think I was able to offer a little advice and suggestions for their ride.

The conversation took a few turns because I figured they were just traveling around Sokcho. I soon learned their destination for the day was the DMZ. More, they had started in Gangneung that morning.

The distance they were going was solid, even impressive. Still, that distance wasn't what really impressed me.

I have done my riding alone so maybe it was having a friend along that did it for them but I was never able to relax until the day's ride was over. They were discussing what to do and see in Sokcho, the approximate halfway point. I have always wanted to do a ride or a canoe trip or a hike and just relax through the day. Maybe its my athletic training but I just have to finish.

The weather stayed dry so I suspect they had a long but enjoyable day.

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