Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm a bad man.

Perhaps a year ago, I blogged about how the management at my apartment complex placed 'No parking' signs at the entry to our complex. I'm too sick to bother looking for a link and it really wasn't that exciting, but I found someone parked in the no-parking area and moved the signs to surround the offending car.

I did that a few times. Soon the signs were looking a little beat-up and I hope that people weren't running them over in anger. Anyway, new signs are up. Oh, the signs are in two pieces and one can fill the bottom half with sand or water to ensure they don't easily get knocked over or taken. A few days ago, I found a truck in the no-parking area and a sign light enough for me to pick up.

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skindleshanks said...

Here's a cheer for you, my 자경단원 friend.
I, for one, had an accident that would not have happened had a large truck not been illegally parked on a corner, obstructing my view. My wife has raised the issue several times to the authorities at the city office, and there have since been pylons permanently bolted to the road. (Nice to see my tax dollars actually at work!) This last Sunday I found an expensive car parked between the pylons on the corner. The pylons are all bolted down, so I opted to just "bump" his mirror forward as I walked past. Perhaps the offending driver would stop for a moment, wonder if this was done by a passing person or a passing car, and as he inspects his car for damage (there was none), realize that parking in such a spot isn't such a wise idea after all.

Fear not, ye Sokcho citizens, your streets are now safe to roam, thanks to Sokcho's blogger vigilantes!