Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fan -freaking- tastic weather

Today may go on record as having the best weather of the year. I think the Nomad would empathize with my frustration with the weather and how grateful I was to see blue skies and such.
I started the day with a short hike with the little guy. We just went high enough to get clear views of Ulsan Bowi and I don't remember seeing it glow like this before. (Click for larger image)

Then we went to the beach. I hope Japan doesn't suffer too much damage from the typhoon but I do feel selfishly grateful that we had both blue skies and monster surf. Somewhere, there must be trouble to make surf like this. Below, Kwandongalex is on a level stretch of beach about five metres above sea level. (Click for larger image)

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paka said...

great photo! he's really starting to love the water. that's great!