Saturday, December 19, 2009

What if we create a better world for nothing?

Joel Pett had a thought provoking comic on Dec. 13:


This has really been my point over the past few years.  I think Global Warming is happening and needs to be combatted, but even if it is not, there isn't that much oil in the world and we are running out.  Conserving fossil-fuel based energy and following other proposals set by global warming advocates -and other environmentalists even in the 70's - are good ideas regardless of the root cause.

HT to Pharyngula.


Daniel Costello said...

Didn't Dr. Seuss also have it right with the Lorax? It's funny because the youth of the present appear to think Lorax is still predicting the future rather than the present?

Catherine said...

Oh, Global Warming is a myth. We're actually in a cooling pattern. My ultra-conservative, ultra-religious relatives keep reassuring me of this. Oh, and President Obama is the anti-Christ.