Saturday, December 12, 2009

Odds and sods

The anonymous blogger at The Korean Front is having housing problems but, admirably, admits that this is uncommon in the EPIK program.  I've been working on updating the blogroll but this blogger may be gone, due to housing issues, soon.  I hope things work out for him/her.
Ex-Gangwon KOTESOL president Chris Grayson is featured in a Times articles about EPIK teachers.

Being from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, he was a former stained glass artist. Seeking a new adventure, he came to Korea and started to teach in a private English institute or "hagwon" for two years before joining EPIK. "I chose Korea because I knew very little about Korea. It was a mystery to me," Grayson said.

Grayson liked the mountains and the sea of the port city and now meets his former students all around the city. "Korean students are bright and innocent. I see my students everywhere since Sokcho is a small town," he said. He also liked being a part of the regular school system and available to teach students of all classes.

Hoengseong Gun is concerned about over-drinking during Christmas parties and offers a list of eight nuisances.
Number 2 on the list is boilermakers.  Strange seeing as they originated in Gangwon.

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