Friday, December 25, 2009

A Merry Christmas to all from K'Brian and K'Alex

perhaps even a Crazy Christmas!

The little guy and I were playing with the 'photobooth' feature.  Here's another:

Christmas at our home isn't particularly Christian, I have to say:

Centred in the first shot is a dreidel, a gift from a coworker.  In the second photo are a Tibetan, um, necklace ornament (centre), and near the bottom, from left-to-right, are an old-fashioned coin, an amber bead and two phone ornaments at the edge of the photo.

If you are in the giving spirit, John Yost and his accident are mentioned a post or two down.  He could use some help (and long-timers should be concerned about more complete health insurance - Korea is cheap for typical visits to the doctor, but too many foreigners have been driven to asking for aid.  I don't begrudge them, but I need to prepare myself better - and so should you!).  Kevin Kim could use some cheering up these days as well.

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PAKA said...

you got gifts from co-workers? i guess i wasn't on anyone's christmas list.