Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kwandong foreign teachers will start the semester late

University classes start at the regular time but foreigners will start a week late. I like the idea of time off but hate to be treated differently than the other staff.

In an effort to be fair about this, I expect the foreign students will also start late but no one felt the foreign teachers needed this information. Similarly, Korean professors who travelled overseas may also be asked to wait a week - again, there is no reason to tell the foreign profs this. As a group, my coworkers and I are the most likely to be returning from overseas, so I guess it makes sense.

Still, I have been in-country long enough to satisfy quarantine requirements and want to try to teach - as a student I would have loved to hear we have a week free, but as a teacher, I want to teach.

I had thought the quarantine at other schools was for everyone, not merely the foreigners. Perhaps I was wrong about that, too.

Oh, I have a week off but have been asked to stay away from crowded places. I would love some ironic suggestions in the comments
  1. the plagiarism-investigations office of any school
  2. the line at the bank for people with no credit card debt
  3. Roh Mu-hyeon's gravesite now that Kim Dae-jung has stolen his thunder.
  4. beaches after Aug 31: "it's too cold!"
  5. ....your suggestion here...

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