Tuesday, August 18, 2009

toronto Star Scientific Literacy Test

The Tor Star archives its articles after a week or so. If you want to do this test, hurry!
Here is the link.

I will try to write my comments below in white. After the test, highlight the area below to read (AFTER THE TEST!)

I got five wrong (#2,16,22,24,26)

#2 I don't understand. Sure, the side facing the sun is illuminated, but I thought the phases came from the Earth's shadow.

#16 - Am I confused by the 'best describes' part? I thought the sun and the Milky Way would be the same age, and both younger than the universe.

#22 I was wrong and shouldn't have been. I guessed 'b'.

#24 DNA allows cells to run chemical reactions? Well, it creates catalysts, but chemical reactions will happen come what may.

#26 Our ancestors go all the back to the pre-Cambrian and beyond. Go far enough back and we are related to plants.

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