Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Craigleith Provincial Park

This trip home has been a sort of nostalgia-fest for me as I take the little guy to places I liked. I barely remember Craigleith Park, indeed, I thought it was named Craigleaf, but I did remember the fossils. It was hard to explain that we would not be finding dinosaur fossils but rather much smaller critters, albeit also much older.

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It was not a warm day and the wind had lots of room to gather strength before reaching us. Spring jackets were required. Look at that open water behind the little guy!

Along shore at Craigleith Park, the shale is comprised of many layers - and chock full of trilobites and the like.

There was one danger that, so far, we have avoided. We found some poison ivy at the park but stayed away. I hoope the same is true for our trip to an uncle's cottage later this week.

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PAKA said...

No beach day yet for us. We might head out to Whistler for a few days and maybe hit a local beach.

kwandongbrian said...

You're going up a mountain to hit a beach?

PAKA said...

i meant to say that we're going to whistler and then on a later date (when we return to vancouver) go to a beach. i'm a lazy typer.