Monday, July 20, 2009

Potato Festival

Much as I love potatoes, this seems a little silly.  On the other hand, Gangwon is known for potatoes, so I guess it fits as a regional speciality.
From the Herald:
On Aug. 1-3, the festival will be held in the areas near Hwengye of Pyongchang, with wide ranges of programs and contests prepared. They include potatoe picking (which participants will get to keep), scavenger hunts, as well as exhibitions showcasing various potato products.

I can't imagine what a potato scavenger hunt looks like, or if it is different from actual potato picking.

Perhaps I am being too hard on the festival.  Kids, and maybe others, need to learn that veggies don't really grow at the stores.

Wait, is there a way to incorporate the Olympics bid into the event.  I bet there is!

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