Friday, July 03, 2009

Small tall ships and more

We awoke to rain Thursday morning so it was time to camp indoors. Also, I had to air out the tent as I hope to use it (outdoors) later.
While traveling downtown, I saw some hooligans had added soap to the fountain. Good work!

A few days ago I saw a sailboat that looked traditionally rigged. There was an information sign beside it that included an email address. They are "The Ship's Company of Penetanguishene". I sent a request to join them for an evening's sail and was told they were busy preparing for a trip later in July and could not take passengers. By chance, during the fireworks on Canada Day, I met the president of the company and told him I wanted to go out. He invited me to join them the next night.

The Badger is something like a replica of a ship-of-the-line's gunboat or gig. The hull is adapted from a Great Lakes lifeboat although much is clad in wood.

A huge crew showed up Thursday night - well, fourteen of us - and we fit comfortably but wandering fore and aft was possible but not welcome.

We went on a three hour tour - out a bit and back to the harbour. Below, we are passing Discovery Harbour -a historic site that runs somewhat larger tall ships, but is provincially run so faces more restrictions than the volunteer-run Ship's Company.
Here we are under sail.
A closer look at Discovery Harbour.

I had a great time with the Company and wish them luck in Halifax, which is celebrating it's 250th year as a harbour.

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