Thursday, July 02, 2009

Canada Day Pics

We had a good time, although, what with wearing coats and long pants, it felt like early spring not summer.

First, we went to Midland for a parade and their celebrations. Below is a heritage-recognized house with a 'widow's walk'. Many of the older homes have them so women could watch for their lake-faring husband's return in times of yore.

This truck, in Coast Guard colors and design, was driven and prepared by the Shriners - I don't know if there was any Coast Guard involvement. As Kwandongwife is in in the Korean CG, I begged the men to take the little guy aboard for the photo. There were large crowds for a while after that and I wasn't able to collect my son for some time - I think they were regretting their kindness by the time I was able to pick him up.
At Little Lake Park, there were many exhibits and activities. in contrast to a Korean festival, it was not a chance to go shopping. Here, the little guy is touching a rat snake, the largest snake in Canada and non-venomous.
Back in Penetang, the lawn of a museum was home to the celebrations. Entrance to the museum was free and below is a picture of a book-keepers desk. The abacus on the right caught my eye.
The little guy is almost on track for sleeping now, which means he missed the fireworks. Here is my best photo of the night.

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