Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Light blogging ahead

I'm amazed that I have been posting frequently enough that this post is justified. Well, maybe just barely enough - if somehow you could count this post as content, rather than meta. I'll try to add some content below.

Part of the benefits my university offers is a full medical physical. Its a little strange that I have to travel four hours across the country to get that physical but they did throw in a physical for Kwandongwife as well. I am not sure how we will take care of little guy while we're there, nor what actually is involved -we were informed the process will take three hours.

After the physical, I am off to camp. I have three days of orientation, a weekend at home, then four weeks teaching ecology to middle school students at camp.

I will bring my computer to the camp on Sunday but cannot be sure of access before the weekend.


Masuro said...

I was never told the university offers free medicals. I should ask about it.
Have fun at the camp. I'm heading to Canada next week for a month. I'm not looking forward to the flight.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get the tickets last year but a few coworkers did. There's not a lot of information about it.

I will post later on the torments I faced.

-kwandongbrian - (not logged in at the camp)

Patrick said...

Hope the camp goes well for you, Bri.