Thursday, July 10, 2008


This morning, I took the little guy out to catch a few critters. A while ago, I bought a little plastic terrarium at E-Mart (typically for the big-ass bugs they sell) and we took it and my wife's pasta strainer (I had better clean it up well before she comes home!).

I thought it cool that we were able to find tadpoles with almost no legs, frogs with long tails and a tiny but tailless frog - three stages at the same time. I wonder if the eggs hatched at different times or if frogs develop at varying rates.
We then went to a different pool and found salamanders. They were much better swimmers and it took me several tries to catch them. A month ago, they appeared as very streamlined tadpoles with a narrower head and slight protrusions where the legs would be - I couldn't catch them so I don't know if they did have legs at that time.
The little guy studying our catch, dinosaurs in hand.
We released the salamanders where we caught them. Here, KwandongAlex releases the frogs back into their pond.
This pic is my "Loch Ness Monster" pic. Its blurry enough to be anything you want it to be.

Before our little excursion, I coated my son with sunblock. So, no sunburn, but he did have a little trouble while scrambling over rocks. He scraped his knee and shed a little blood. Still, I think it makes him look healthier - all little guys should have bruised knees. If they don't, they are spending too much time indoors.


Masuro said...

Reminds me of my younger days when my friends and I would go to little ponds on the edges of town and catch frogs and tadpoles in buckets. I'm not sure what my mother thought about my interested in nature but she probably wasn't happy about the muck all over my trainers. Anyway, Alex is lucky to have a dad who can show him the interesting things in the world.

kwandongbrian said...

Thanks. I think you know me well enough to know that I was catching the critters at least partially for my own benefit and enjoyment. I haven't seen many wild salamanders and so was excited to see them here.

PAKA said...

yeah...salamanders are COOL! i think i'm going to check out the streams and race fields for cool little critters.

kwandongbrian said...

I've seen some terrifying bugs in rice field ponds - my wife and in-laws walk barefoot in them, but I won't. I'm kind of a wussy for a biologist!