Friday, July 11, 2008

Letters: I'd complain if I were hung with a gold rope!


Firstly, thank you very much for sending me my order quickly. I am very excited about reading these books.

However, I would like to quote from two portions of an email I received from your company:
Sent: July 2, 2008 11:24:05 PM
Shipped via Standard Int'l Shipping (estimated arrival date:

Although I am happy to have received my books nearly a month earlier than I expected, the difference in dates is so great that I am a little annoyed. Now, I have to do something with Masuro's stupid charity books; I had to pretend to be grateful for his loan of his books (and I was, with the expectation of having to wait more than a month for my order) and now what do I tell him? What if he asks me about the content of his books?


Honestly, I am enjoying The Omnivore's Revenge. I am likely to use some of the content in my ecology class this summer so it is both interesting and useful. I haven't started the f&SF magazine yet, but you know I am a fan.

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Masuro said...

Damn the postal service! ^^
You needn't worry about getting those books back to me. I plan on adding them to our lounge library. In fact, you can save me a bit of trouble by putting them in there when you are finished.
I'm reading a book now called "God is Not Great". It's interesting so far and you can have it when I'm finished. Providing you let me go through your new stack of books, of course. :)