Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wonderful Warm Weather Weekend

On Saturday, Kwandongwife worked, so KwandongAlex and I went to Sokcho Beach. The sun was warm but occasionally a cool wind chill us. We got our feet wet but mostly played in the sand and chased and fed pigeons. A few people were playing in the water where the waves broke and seemed to be having fun but no one was swimming.Today (Sunday the 20th) was cheap day at Waterpia for Sokcho residents so the little guy and I spent several hours there. It was nice to use the outdoor pools without worrying about the cold. I think you won't notice in the photo (although you are welcome to try - click to enlarge) but the mountain behind us is still snow capped.
I can't remember which morning I took this picture but with such a busy schedule it's important to start with a good breakfast. I just wish he didn't look like a monk praying before a shrine!


Masuro said...

I, too, worship at the fridge. As you can tell by my belly. :)
Looks like you had lots of fun this weekend. I should take up swimming when the water gets warm enough. But by then I'll be in Newfoundland where the ocean is rarely warm enough to swim in.

PAKA said...

i think your son or may be you out his shirt on backwards. that of the "backwards" style is in fashion again.