Thursday, April 17, 2008

K- Blogger Gord Sellar on PodCastle

UPDATE: Robbed! Gord's story has been bumped. Escape Pod is very well organized but Podcastle, only in it's third week, may still be working out the kinks and bugs. Here's hoping we see Gord's story in the next few weeks. Giant looks like a good story, too.

I have listened to Escape Pod, a weekly podcast of audio fiction for around two years now. I say audio fiction because it started with both Science Fiction and Fantasy stories but now focuses exclusively on science fiction because a sister podcast now offers fantasy.

That sister podcast, Podcastle, starting offering stories on April 1 (no joke and thanks for nothing for not commenting on my attempts at April fool's Day jokes, jerks!). Anyway, its too early to say much about the quality but I've enjoyed the stories so far and they make my commute a little easier. I expect good quality as Escape Pod has been excellent.

Tomorrow (Friday, April 18 - but probably late in the day for those of us 12 hours ahead of most of the US here in Korea), a 'miniature', a short fantasy story, will be released and the story, Pahwahke, is by K-blogger Gord Sellar. Congratulations to him and I'll be going out of my way to listen as soon as I can.

Podcastle schedule:
EPISODE 1 - April 1: “Come Lady Death” by Peter Beagle
Bonus Flash - April 4: “Stone Born” by Loreen Heneghan
EPISODE 2 - April 8: “For Fear of Dragons” by Carrie Vaughn
EPISODE 3 - April 15: “Run of the Fiery Horse” by Hilary Moon Murphy
Bonus Flash - April 18: “Pahwahke” by Gord Sellar
EPISODE 4 - April 22: “Goosegirl” by Margaret Ronald
EPISODE 5 - April 29: “The Girl with the Sun in Her Head” by Jeremiah Tolbert
Bonus Flash - May 2: “Giant” by Stephanie Burgis
EPISODE 6 - May 6: “The Dead Girl’s Wedding March” by Cat Rambo

Gord is currently on a tear about the Wonder Girls and the sexualization of Korean youth. If there is no such word as 'sexualization', then read his post. There may still be no such word, but you will have learned something.


gordsellar said...

Hey, man, thanks for the link! Glad you're looking forward to my story, too. :)

kwandongbrian said...

I'm beginning to doubt there is an actual story and you have some prank or con going with the people at Podcastle. Do you know when your story will be posted?

gordsellar said...

May 2nd, I'm told. You can also read the story online here, if you can't wait! :)