Saturday, April 19, 2008

dyed hair, gray hair and giving up a bus seat

I am not a particularly vain person; I've never worried overmuch about my hair or how I compared to current fashions. I've always tried to be clean and neat but, well, I want a belt that holds up my pants, I don't really care if it matches my shoes or my eyes or whatever.

My future? (BBC photo)

I know I have a few grey hairs. Recently though, every time I look in a mirror I see more silver up there. In horror, the other day I found a looong grey hair sticking straight out from one of my ears. In relating the story to coworkers, they pointed out the other ear also sported a single long grey hair. I plucked those. The rest of my hair can continue to grey normally (although I really don't like the process).

While riding the bus from Sokcho to Yangyang a few days ago, a group of women boarded. Their faces held intricate wrinkles of long experience.

I pride myself in giving up my seat to just about anyone who needs it. People carrying children, pregnant women, disabled people and the elderly.

These women who boarded the bus had jet black hair. I kept my seat.

I feel that if you go to the effort to dye your hair, you are doing so to look younger. If you want to look younger, you have to expect to be treated as a young person. It might even be flattering to have to stand.

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