Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bike Repairs - Help

I'm having trouble affording bike repairs and so am posting my KB bank account so you will be able to make donations to keep the Hans Island Rider carrying his all-important message that Hans Island belongs to Canada.
Alright, I can afford the repairs but want to get the parts I want not just the ones the repairman can get easily.
Here is a photo of the front set of gears for my bike. If you click and enlarge it you will see the teeth are worn down and irregular. I need to replace the full set.
The repairman can only find a two-speed replacement for the current three speed set. I think that's strange. Does anyone know, can I get a set of three gear rings? I honestly use the smaller two rings most of the time. Well, the middle ring most of the time, and the smallest ring for hills. I have used the largest ring only a few times.

If anyone can help or give advice, thanks!

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