Saturday, August 11, 2007

at least Aug 11 looks like summer!

Commentary later - the star of these pics demands attention! Now updated.
Yes, it was a great morning at the beach with the little guy. He is quite a mimic now and if Kwandongwife or I wear a hat, he wants to. If I wear sunglasses, he wants his on, too. He just isn't aware that glasses have a topside and a bottom side.

A new Tourist information booth has opened on the beach and they gave us a beach ball during a previous visit.

KwandongNana gave us a little inflatable pool and the little guy prefers it to the ocean. In the pool, the water is calm and nonthreatening... and warm. The ocean was surprisingly cold over the weekend. Although he did splash around in the pool a little and get his feet wet a few times, we mainly made sandcastles together and walked along the beach.

You know how it is: once you have a child of your own you realize how grateful you should be to your own parents. I love taking the little guy to the water and want him to enjoy it. I can't enjoy the water while he is there, though. I went in knee-deep a few times and splashed around to cool off but he didn't want to come with me so that was the limit of my swimming.

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