Wednesday, August 29, 2007

how many times can I say I'm still here?

I want to keep this blog going. I just don't always find stuff I deem interesting enough to post. I was excited about pouring scorn on the mystical value of eating dog, only to find that the entire k-blogosphere had their fun with the report.

I will try to post twice a week.

I am back at school now. This week, I am only introducing my classes so I spend more time in transit than in actual classroom work but that will change next week.

I have time on my hands so I am able to hike up the big hill -too small to honestly call a mountain - behindmy apartment. For no good reason, I have decided to try to hike it 52 times this year - once a week would be reasonable but I had only hiked up seven times before setting the goal. I am now up to eleven summits. Here are some views from Chungdaesan.

(Ulsan Bowi in the distance and an exercise station centre)
(my apartment is in the warren)
My coworker, Marcus Peddle, has started a new blog and on his first post, he describes a protest going on on campus.

Apparently, the 'education technology' department has been absorbed by the 'computers' department. One way or another, there is no more education technology department and students who are learning this halfway through their year are upset.

Come back sometime. There'll probably be new stuff here. I don't know.

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Masuro said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog. I took a picture of the protesters today that is nearly identical to the one you have. I'll have to find another picture to put up. :)