Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Lefthanders Day

I got the news from mom, a fellow lefty, that August 13th is Lefthanders Day and visited this website, printed a few posters and got silly(er than usual). Click to enlarge photos.

I am pointing at a sign that says no right handed people allowed! Notice the empty classroom behind me.

This kindly moth was next to the door, so I included him in the display.
The pages to the right of my head, seen in the upper photo, deal with long-distance space flight and relate the them class's month-long theme of Earth as an integrated ecosystem, an island in space.


Anonymous said...

Happy Lefthanders Day to you too!

As a tip from one fellow lefty to another, you should check out It's a little glove that protects the side of your hand from smudges! It's pretty cool!

Happy Lefthanders' Day again!

Melissa said...

Hope you had a good one!

My dad is a lefthander and loves to talk about it. I'll have to tell him about this special day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,

A few links to show you two highly educated men who, unlike Dawkins, combine science with faith.

take care!