Monday, November 10, 2008

first snow - a half-assed post

This is the first year I've been unable to take a picture of the snow capped mountain in the morning before work. I may be able to in the next few days if we get more or if the current snow stays (unlikely). A Brian on the other side of the country has photos of Gangwon snow (hey, I don't poach on your territory!). Previous years.

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Brian said...

Sorry. The pictures are pretty. When/if it snows in Jeollanam-do, feel free to break the story. There was a bit of a snow storm in Gwangju last year, and by snow storm I mean "snow storm." We had snow twice last year in Suncheon, the biggest of which barely left a dusting. I think up north where you are is where there actually are four seasons. We have about three around here.