Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bits and pieces

I don't have a single strong topic to write about but here's a bit of a grab bag.

O-bama! As a Canadian I followed the election closely didn't feel I needed to probe too deeply into the issues - I can't vote for either one. Now that it's over; well, I was torn between the candidates for the weak reason that I am anti-bush (and therefore pro democrat) but McCain had showed a fun side on the Daily Show, so I liked him. Anyway, Sarah Palin was one of the factors that made me pro-Obama. Not the only one, but the final one.

Anyway, congrats to Obama and wow, McCain had a great defeat speech.

Elections are going on at my university and that means costumes -of course! There were several cows, a few crocodiles and a tiger. I borrowed a cow costume for a quick photo -at bottom left, you can see this group is supporting team 3 (names covered) for pres and VP. I'm not sure why I didn't choose the croc suit. Last year there were superheros (and a brave, outnumbered teacher/ninja).

Here is a sleeper from a third year class.
Gangneung is hosting a UCC - User created content - contest. I think it is for tourism and will give more details soon.

Giant author (both tall and famous) Michael Crichton passed away Tuesday. I have reviewed a few of his books here but not of my favourite pair; Jurassic Park and its sequel. They were fantastic with a remarkable blend of real science and adventure. (Reviews of Next and State of Fear.) I read many but not all of his books and will try to get to Andromeda Strain soon.


Masuro said...

I was also sad to read Michael Crighton passed away. I didn't think much of his plots for most of the books but the science was always very interesting. I wonder if someone will finish his unfinished novel and publish it. I think Frank Herbert's son did that for one of the Dune books and Christopher Tolkien has been collecting his father's notes and publishing stories for quite a while.

PAKA said...

wow! will you be trying on the crocodile/dinosaur suit soon?

kwandongbrian said...

Masuro, Who? I noticed in one of my reviews, I spelled his name wrong. There is no 'g' in his name but there are two 'c's.

Paka, I would like to wear the croc suit but would probably become a pest if I keep asking for their costumes.

PAKA said...

this is for masuro...i read that crichton didn't believe in global warming and stated that it was more of a "fad.". a former EPA (environmental protection agency)director mentioned that he written something saying that science hasn't really proved beyond any reasonable doubt that global warming is affecting the planet...all i can say is "WOW!" first dinosaurs on an island theme park...which if you talk to martin is taken from a japanese zoo.

kwandongbrian said...

Paka, his book describing Global Warming as a hoax is State of Fear - I reviewed it a while ago so there is a link in the main post - which saves me from speaking ill of the dead as he was alive when I wrote it.