Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Maybe, just maybe, they have a point

Today, the beaches were again closed to swimming. I went to Sokcho Beach and rode my bike onto the walkway and rode to the far end, Oeongchi Beach. The lifeguards were all at the other end -more than a kilometre away - so I swam with some university students.

The bottom there is rocky, with the bottom ranging from pebbles to rocks larger than my fists. The waves were big enough to bash me into them a few times and I have some blood on my knee and I banged my head somehow. I also had a great time.

I think they should control swimming at that end and open up the Sokcho end, with the soft sand bottom. I would be more comfortable now if I had landed on sand. Still, if I get tossed around, I can see why they want to be cautious.

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