Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wildlife game

After teaching about how ecosystems work for three and a half weeks, I have the students role-play an ecosystem in a game whose name I have forgotten. perhaps a reader could help me out.

Anyway, in the game more than half the students are small herbivores (rabbits and squirrels). A few are foxes and a very few are wolves. I play the part of man and if I had more players there might be disease or other natural events.

All the animals need to find 2 "water" and the rabbits and squirrels need to find 2 "Food". Foxes and wolves need to catch rabbits and squirrels, while man does as he pleases.

I would prefer to play in a forest but that can be problematic for scheduling and other reasons. At the school, there was a large area devoted to tennis, volleyball and basketball courts. Each court had a fence and a few doors. There was also a breezeway and other places to hide and maneuver. Below is a picture of the most easily found envelope of 'food'.
A big problem is identifying the foxes and wolves. Well, as a nature enthusiast, I knew that foxes don't like the rain so they would naturally carry umbrellas.
Wolves love a bargain and so, quite reasonably, they carry bags for impromptu purchases.

The games lasted about 30 minutes and were enjoyed by most. Oh, to keep students in the game, the animals carried 6 (rabbits and squirrels), 3 (foxes), or 2 (wolves) "lives". The lives looked like food or water but had "rabbit" or the like typed on them.

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