Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The real winners of the wildlife game

Four students were stung during the game. Some of them deserved it - I specifically pointed out the hive and told students not to use the door (they are building the hive on a door). Ten minutes into one game, I see a student run through the door and slam it shut behind him. I kinda hope he was one of the stung.
Actually, the victims took it better than I would have. I am a real wimp regarding bee and wasp stings. In my youth, I stepped on a wasp hive and was stung seven times. I ran to my mother and she patted me on the head comfortingly- two flew out of my hair and stung me. Yeah, bees bother me a little but I have real issues with my mother!


Brian said...

Eww, those look nasty.

I've only seen one hornet/wasp/bees nest in Korea. I was hiking and it was built into the ground and I only about a foot from it before I noticed it. None of the occupants seemed to mind and were just flying and walking around as usual. They seem more docile around here, but maybe that's just b/c I'm getting older. I remember being terrified of mowing the lawn back home b/c of the nests in the bushes and in the ground, and I seemed to get stung nearly every summer.

Surprisingly when I asked my class of about 15 students at summer camp how many of them had ever been stung, none of them had.

There is an unpleasantly large hornet living in the stairwell. Looks about an inch-and-a-half long. It gets a wide berth from me.

kwandongbrian said...

I would get stung around once a year myself. Not so much when I was older, though.

Here in Korea, there are some over-sized bees that are more orange than yellow that are really bad news, I hear.

I can't find the podcast now to reference but apparently the sting of one bee releases odours that attract other bees to sting you. Be careful.

Brian said...

Yeah, the one in the stairwell was more orange than yellow, but I found it dead on the floor this morning.

I've heard the same about wasps back home, too, and that if you kill one it releases an odor to attract others.

jeff said...

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