Friday, September 26, 2008

my son, mocking the way I eat

I promise that the next post, whatever it is about, will not be about Bell's Palsy. After that, no guarantees.

Here, KwandongAlex is teasing me for the way I pinch the right side of my lips together to avoid drooling and spilling the food. His mimicry is spot on, although I am not so cheerful about it.


Melissa said...

Oh dear. I was hoping you would post and say you were all better. :(

Well, anyway, I hope the condition hasn't worsened and - here's a consolation - Kangwon Alex is adorable and funny.

Take care!~

Melissa said...

er, you know I meant to type "KwandongAlex", right?

Cheers ..

kwandongbrian said...

yeah, the name is fine. A friend, the Seoul Hero, was worried about leaving a "google trail" that would haunt his son. If his son's name is to be found on the internet, it will be by his (the son's) choosing. I don't worry about that as much, but is it something I considered when giving him that pseudonym.

As for good news, I can move the right side of my lips a tiny bit now. It isn't a smile or a grimace and I lack the power to make even twitch like, but under close observation, my lips pull back a millimetre or so.

kwandongbrian said...

"I lack the power to make even twitch like..."
Should be: To make even twitch like motions,...