Friday, September 19, 2008

Han ui won

Despite my misgivings, I think the Oriental doctor performed a valuable service. I don't know the theories behind Oriental medicine, but most of the treatment seemed focused on stimulating the unresponsive muscles and, well, the whole right side of my face.

I am reminded that in university, perhaps in Vertebrate zoology, the professor told us that even though there were no good cures for damage to the spine, sometimes making an incision near the spine causes healing to the spine. It is as if the body, while healing the cut, healing elements are focused on the area and work on nearby problems as well.

I told him, among other things, that talking in class gave me a literal pain in the neck. He poked around and found a tender spot.

Part of the treatment requires that I massage the right side of my face, pushing upward with strength, 100 times and doing that ten to twenty times a day.

Then, it was time for needles and suction cups.

I should look in the mirror and see if I have a hickey now.

Here, electricity is pulsed through the needles, jerking my cheek and face muscles around.

There was also a needle in the web of my left hand - I don't know why.

The doctor told me to avoid cold water -for bathing, not necessarily for drinking. I am not sure why and I am unlikely to follow this restriction.


Robin Wood said...

Ummm... you should avoid bathing in cold water because it can make the paralysis worse.

You might want to take a look at this site, to corroborate this.

Under External Therapies, you'll find a line that says

"As a prevention, avoid exposing face to prolonged cold or draft."

So.. ummm.. you might really want to follow the restriction. There is a good reason for it.

hemant said...

Hope you get well soon and just follow the treatment by doctor.


neha trehan

PAKA said...

frankenstein...he's alive!! ALIVE!

kwandongbrian said...

Thanks for the good wishes.

Robin,thanks for the link, although I don't have faith in homeopathic medicine so don't see a lot fo value for me in it.

I can understand cold and heat affecting blood flow to my face but the problem is a viral infection, probably at the back of my head; my face is just feeling the downstream affects of the infection.

Hemant, Is "look4ward' a link? It won't work for me. I am excited to find that someone in India is reading my blog.

Paka, yeah, they are frightening photos (kinder than saying it is a frightening face)!

Masuro said...

I hope the treatments work and you are one of the people who recover completely. I don't know what you look like once the wires are removed from your face, but your face looks normal while the electricity is going through it. That's a good sign.

Kevin said...

I hope the paralysis goes away soon, man.


rwellor said...

Ditto to all those wishing you a complete recovery!


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Melissa said...

Hi! I've been catching up on your blog and I was sorry to read about your condition (is it referred to as a condition?). Anyway, hope you get better soon!

Take care!~

kwandongbrian said...

Thanks, Melissa. Will I see you at the KOTESOL conference, Oct 25-?

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