Saturday, March 01, 2008

Endangered animals taste delicious!

I am late to the party but is what I want to write about at Gangwon Notes.

I learned from the Idiot's Collective, via the Marmot's Hole that the Joongang Daily newspaper has been reporting about endangered animals and at the end of the article, giving details about where to eat those animals. "Grey Whales haven't been seen in the East Sea for twenty years... Here are restaurants where you can try Grey Whale."

From the Joongang:
...The Whale Research Center at the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute recently announced that it is offering a 10 million won ($10,670) reward for any sighting of a gray whale, dead or alive, in the area. The gray whale was last seen in the East Sea in 1964.
The same institute is also offering 5 million won to anyone with a photograph or videotape of a live gray whale in the sea. ...

For whale meat, check out Wonjo Gorae Matjip (052-261-5060), or The Original Whale Deli, which charges 30,000 won ($32). The better known whale meat restaurant is Gorae Halmaejip (052-265-9558), or Whale Grannie¡¯s House. The menu includes whale stew.
A cheaper option is to buy whale meat in Joongang Market in central Ulsan, but be ready to compromise on sanitation.
Oh boy, "compromise on sanitation". I remember telling my mom that my university roommate and I had "different tolerances for cleanliness" than she did. She thought that was pretty funny, too.

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