Friday, March 14, 2008

Don't trust reason

I intend to focus more closely on issues relating to Gangwondo and Korea in the future, but this collage greatly amused me. Thanks to the catshark.


Patrick said...

Great! The knee-jerk counterpoints to Dawkins' 'God Delusion', Hitchens' 'God is not great' and Harris' 'Letter to a Christian nation'... let the polarized parodying and malicious mud-slinging begin!!

kwandongbrian said...

Like this?
"We've been attacked by the intelligent, educated segment of the culture" Rev. Ray Mummert.

Mummert was complaining about the teaching of evolution in Dover -we've discussed the trial.

I didn't make the sign up, and although I don't necessarily believe all creationists are uneducated, I'll enjoy a laugh when I can.

Patrick said...

Without particularly wishing to launch into another mammoth blog-commentathon, I thought you might check out this website (American Scientific Affiliation). The 'FAQ' and 'Creation/Evolution' sections might be interesting.

kwandongbrian said...

The post that started our 'commentathon' was about evolution being a-religious. Christians and atheists alike (and members of all other religions) can accept evolution.

The ASA seems to agree with that view. 'Twas you that held a differing view - anyway, I presume you did because you sent me links with fire-and-brimestone preachers making that very claim.

Patrick said...

Fair enough. I just wanted to show how faith does not have to exclude reason, and that to believe and trust in Christ is the only way to get to heaven, "for all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God." (Romans 3:23)
And it's a shame that Dawkins and Ham get so much publicity.

Patrick said...

This is an interesting article from a leading liberal newspaper in the UK:

I'll quote you the concluding paragraph here:

"The attempt to eradicate religion, however, only leads to it reappearing in grotesque and degraded forms. A credulous belief in world revolution, universal democracy or the occult powers of mobile phones is more offensive to reason than the mysteries of religion, and less likely to survive in years to come. Victorian poet Matthew Arnold wrote of believers being left bereft as the tide of faith ebbs away. Today secular faith is ebbing, and it is the apostles of unbelief who are left stranded on the beach."