Tuesday, December 18, 2007

If only there were an organization dedicated to enforcing the law

I am the son and grandson of police officers, from a country where the police are relatively well respected. I want to respect Korean police but too often I read stories like this. The whole article is upsetting but I am particularly discouraged by the ending.

First, I need to define 'coffee shop' or 다방 (dabang). Maybe a dabang can be a simple coffee shop but a 'ticket dabang' (they do use the English word) is a place where you can sign out a girl from the shop to drink coffee with you. You have probably guessed that drinking coffee is only one of a variety of things the girl will do and the ticket dabangs are understood to be fronts for prostitution.

A couple running a ticket dabang went to a chat site for teens and posted a job listing. When two girls, 15 and 16 years of age (that would be Korean age, so probably 14 and 15, possibly younger) applied, they were kidnapped and forced into prostitution.

All this is terrible. The attitude of the police officer below is, well, vomit inducing.

A source at the police said, “they [the owners of the dabang] had been punished for a similar offense about four or five months before. We really need to do something about teen prostitution in these dabangs and the chatting sites that so many of the teens use.”

Gee, if only there were laws against prostitution or kidnapping or something.

I am indebted to Korea Beat for translating the article. Yeah, thanks a lot, guys, for ruining my day.

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