Monday, December 10, 2007

Domestic incident in my apartment

There are no (major or unusual) problems within the Kwandong-family.

Yesterday, I was helping the little-guy with something and heard some wailing in the background. I didn't pay much attention to it because, well, the little guy can really wail on occasion, and he might be loudest when expressing happiness.

Eventually, it became clear that this was an upset sound from an adult woman. After a bit, I heard it more clearly and looked down into the parking lot to see a barefoot woman being chased by a man. I was still uncertain what was happening because they dodged around cars in a way that looked almost playful- except for the barefoot part.

Finally, the woman cowered behind the security guard who did a good job of settling things down. I returned to the apartment only to notice that while I'd left the door open, a visitor had let herself in.

I don't really care for little dogs but this one was energetic and friendly... and quiet! The little guy was very excited to have a visitor but not quite sure what to do. He would approach the dog and in stepping away would become concerned that the dog followed. I think he is more used to dogs we meet outside; dogs with leashes that one can approach and move away from at will.
After things had settled down a bit, I carried my son and the dog down the hallway, soon pinpointing angry noises coming from above. I found the unhappy couple, with the man appearing to be leaving, travel bag in hand. The woman saw her dog in my arm and picked him up, thanking me.
Their previous wailing was only a prelude to the new wailing when the little guy realized we were departing without the dog. I fear that I may have hearing loss in my right ear.
I wonder what a good opening would be for me to go up and ask to borrow their dog.
"You've been fighting and screaming at your husband, or shacked-up boyfriend, or
whatever; you're probably not in good condition to care for a dog. How about giving her to me for a few hours?"
Yeah, that sounds good.

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