Friday, December 07, 2007

Excited to see this movie

The Golden Compass.

Second edit: More spelling errors - I am having trouble with firefox, so I am using Explorer right now. I really miss the automatic spell-checking.

I had a graphic from the movie but noticed I had mispelled a word in the title. Considering how I tease people -gently - about such things, thanks for not tormenting me on the subject.

Anyway, in correcting the title, I lost the graphic.

I still want to see the movie.

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ben said...

I watched this a few days ago here in canada. YOu know , i normally love the newer fantasy movies playing on the big screen but unfortunatly this one wasnt very good.

It did have a few good parts and the acting was fine. The movie's pacing is rushed like a mcdonalds employee making a big bag on a friday evening around rush hour and as a result you get this mish mash of something that kinda looks like a bigmac. It barely slowed down, one scene after the other until the movie was done. Alot of the dialogue felt mechanical as if they Had to put it in the movie to explain things that werent being shown. There were ALOT of cheesy cliche fantasy stuff ( very unoriginal). I wouldnt recommend wasting your money to see this in theaters but as i said there are some good/decent things about the movie but overall I didnt enjoy it.

this is coming from a guy who works in kids entertainment. I normally love this stuff. In terms of special fx and visuals its pretty nice but very cliche at times. The fx's are well done. Story wise its very poor , very rushed and very mechanical. I give the movie a 5.5/10