Friday, June 01, 2007

A surprising similarity found between my university and Korea's best

A coworker and I were complaining about smokers at our university and I repeated the explanation I had heard for the lax enforcement of the smoking areas here. Ours is private university and although the courses taught may be of acceptable quality (and I think they are), non-academic situations fall under the "The customer is always right" heading. We can't enforce campus rules on smoking for fear of losing students and their money.

My coworker asked, "Where would the students go?"

If they are at this university (a bottom tier university), the next step down is actually on to a scooter delivering Chinese food for the rest of their lives.

And I thought, hey, we are just like Seoul National or Korea University; we could set strict guidelines for entry and people would find themselves compelled to follow them. SNUs guidelines would be more scholastic while ours would be involving other areas of university life, but that's just quibbling.

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