Monday, June 04, 2007

Wouldn't it be ironic if these people placed themselves on 'do not call' lists?

First, notice the ads at the bottom left of the picture. Three in one afternoon. I don't hate the people who do this to make money - I might have before one of my foreign students told me this was her job -although not at my location.

What I really want to talk about, however, is the circumstances than led me to making the poster middle-right.
Below, you can see it more clearly (click to enlarge).
Some Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on my door a few weeks ago but were put off by my inability to speak Korean.

Then on May 27th a Korean family of JWs from Yangyang and with at least one English speaker appeared at my door. I didn't talk to them long (although I wasn't rude -bringing children along is a great or cowardly way to avoid anger) but the man said something about knowing me. Yangyang isn't far off and I lived there for two years, so its certainly possible but was it a coincidence that brought him to my door?

Yesterday, June 3, two more JWs knocked on my door. This time there were two women, a native speaker of English and a Korean. I was less polite this time.

Today, Monday June 4th, two more people knocked on my door. They appeared unconnected to the JWs but soon revealed themselves to be missionaries for one faith or another.

I was furious -with myself. First, the poster I'd made was inside the door, waiting for next Sunday, and second, I may have been too specific in making my poster by naming JWs.

I slammed the door in their faces and cursed a few times alone in the apartment.

The next afternoon I'm home, I'll have the sign on the door and pot of water on the table in easy reach!


skindleshanks said...

Just wait til the Mormons find you . . .

kwandongbrian said...

They are around but I've never noticed them going door-to-door.

Their nametags make me chuckle. To see a guy in his early twenties wearing a tag that says 'Elder---' is pretty amusing.

Anonymous said...

Shunning non-JW family is not a "good work". However It is very difficult to live a life contrary to your surroundings. It is even harder to deal with pressure from family members. For a JW to embrace a non-JW family member completely is to run the risk of damaging her or his own godly lifestyle or relationship with God. Most people who stop being JW or who quit anything that they started never had any true interest to begin with. There is not much to criticize about JWs outside of knocking on your door at 10:00 am. This is a worst an untimely inconvenience, not a reason for anger. Think of the reason that you were angry. All that is required is a "No thank you", and shut the door. They will eventually get the point.

kwandongbrian said...

I suppose I was angry because I said "No, thank you" three times. Once should be enough.

I suppose I might also be angry because JWs are cult-like: the shunning-non-JW-family thing, and I see no reason to be all that tolerant of that behavior.