Monday, March 26, 2007

Managing my commute

I have a good job that I enjoy doing. I also enjoy the time off, of which I have a great deal. So, I can't really complain about the three hour a day round trip commute I do to get to work. Well, I can, but few would have sympathy for me.

Why don't I move closer to work? Well, my wife works longer hours, more days a week and more months a year than I do. She deserves a short commute (and much more).

I don't really hate the time spent on the bus. This post is about how I spend my time -oh, and at the bottom are a few notes on other parts of the life of Kwandongbrian.

I am pretty comfortable on a moving platform. I have gotten sea-sick but not that badly. Even Korean bus travel is not that bad, so I am able to read without wooziness. I can't easily use my computer on the bus - there is a little too much shaking for that. Still, I have more options than Kwandongwife who can only choose between sleeping or staring out the window while travelling.

For the longest time, I listened to my MP3 player constantly. I still listen, but not as much. I listen to a little music, mostly novelty stuff, and a double handful of podcasts and audio books.

Here is what I listen to:
Science fiction and Fantasy stories, reviews and commentary:

The Rookie (Sigler) -A new quarterback competes in an interstellar football league. Good stuff for the price (free). This and other Sigler audiobooks are among the best to be found free online and I like them. Still, that means they are big fish only in a small pool.
Podiobooks -This is where I found Sigler's first book. This and many others can be found, with variable quality. Great Moments in History is a BBC educational series that is well prepared. There is also a series of interviews on intelligent design.
Escape Pod. Short science fiction and fantasy stories of high quality. Good stuff.
University of Minnesota Narratives in Sci-fi/Fantasy. A favorite author (P.C. Hodgell) and another guy (also good) discuss the history of speculative fiction and interivew a few authors. Good stuff.
Kickass Mystic ninjas - reviewing classic science fiction and fantasy, the good, the bad and the hokey.
podcasts for thinkers
In Our Time. A BBC Radio 4 program looking at subjects from science, literature, history, religion and art. Great stuff but I had to laugh at the segment on Don Quixote, who they called Don Quik-sit.
Ideas The same as above but with Canadian accents (CBC).
Quirks and Quarks A weekly science show from CBC
Science Friday a two hour weekly science show from NPR - it covers research but also political issues in science.
Skepticality An occassional show -not quite weekly about science and humanist issues.
Clean Break - An environmental news 'cast from the Toronto Star
Liminality - Charles had planned to produce weekly 'casts and I still have high hopes.
The Metropolitician - The scribbler has talked about good stuff. Most of his work is now on video 'casts but his audio 'casts can be found there.
Humor and other
Linwood Barkley - Interesting humor but based on Toronto events and not always comprehensible to outsiders.
The Now Show -Rich audio from BBC. The same caveat as above.
Jonathan Coulton - this is where I get my novelty music. Skullcrusher Mountain is the best.
Academic lectures can be found here. Some are interesting but most are straight audio from a lecture. The audio is not great and any visual aids are missing. You can find some good stuff but it takes work.
I mentioned above that I don't listen to my MP3 player as much as I used to. I just got a few books from What the Book and have relearned how much I prefer reading -audio books are not as interesting for me.
In other news, I fear that I may be beat up soon. Before Kwandongalex was born, my adventures were mostly in human-power travel. Now, I don't hike or ride as much. Today, possibly as compensation; while crossing a street, a truck turned without signalling and stopped as I was halfway across the street. I walked up to the window and the driver rolled down the window. I reached in and turned on the guy's turn-signal. I felt good about it but I also walked off quickly.


akash said...

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Daniel Costello said...

Dear Brian,

Videos About Globalisation (Globalization)

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P. Sainath: Globalizing Inequality

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kwandongbrian said...

Thanks, I guess. I'm not sure why you sent these.

Daniel Costello said...

Dear Brian,

I was impressed by your expansive and open-minded interests.