Monday, March 05, 2007

Lazy public worker may be sent to labour camps.

From the Joongang:

According to the city, incapable and idle public workers will join a team that will look for people throwing cigarette butts, vehicles violating speed limits or research the traffic volume on the roads. After six months, the workers will be reevaluated and those with low scores will be discharged for another six months.

The three the suggestions for idle public workers might first sound reasonable but all require some kind of training.

I wish I knew more about what police officers do in Korea instead of what they seem to do. What I have seen of police officers here does not make me proud to tell people my father was a police officer in Canada - but, like so many things in Korea, this is an area that a non- speaker of Korean can only see the surface or read the cover -there just has to be more depth.

Still, my wife, as a Korean Coast Guard officer* trained for twelve weeks and still recieves on-the-job training.

"Incapable" public workers don't seem to be an obvious choice to put into confrontations and that is what's suggested. They aren't picking up cigarette butts, they are 'look[ing] for people throwing cigarette butts'. They are going after speeders.

I could understand getting them to clean streets and giving them whistles, cameras and tickets to go after illegal parking but ... maybe the goal here is to get them into so many confrontations they quit.

*My wife is an officer in the police sense of the word, I don't know how that relates to working the ships. My father was a constable for much of his time in the Force and I think that is comparable to an enlisted soldier, rather than an 'officer'.

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