Sunday, October 16, 2005

Some Canadians in trouble o'er here

Over at the Marmot, there's a post about Canadians, apparently all claiming to be from Arcadia University, have been working illegally with fake degrees. Well, not so many of them now.

The Globe and Mail has another piece on the “50 Canadian
citizens have been caught in a crackdown this month.” This time, it’s how dumb
asses without a college degree are getting arrested ’cause they don’t have a
degree from Acadia University, even though they told the delightful folks at ROK
immigration that they did.

Original story in the Globe here.

There were two stories at the Marmot but the second one wasn't coming up properly.

If I knew any of these people, I might feel sorry for individuals on a case-by-case basis, but I have no sympathy for people coming here to work without even the minimal required qualification. If this goes on, I may have to cut my hair even shorter and carry a black backpack.


GI Korea said...

But would you wear the Yankee ball cap?

kwandongbrian said...

Yeah, that's the problem. These days, I don't sew a Canadian flag onto my backpack anymore but I do love my Tilley hats. I've never been big on baseball caps, I prefer a full brim. I've got an old Akubra hat that is still hanging in; some waif in India stole the Akubra pin and feathers and the band came lose last year.

Anyway, I'd be more likely to wear a John Deere cap than one supporting a baseball team. I can't think of any pro sport that I enjoy watching but baseball would be at the bottom of the list (maybe above cricket - what kind of game lasts three days?).