Friday, October 28, 2005

Let's follow Singapore's example (warning: sarcasm ahead)

In a letter to the Joongang editor, someone suggested that Korea change it's English Teaching System to be more like that of Singapore and India.

Korea may indeed find places to improve it's language classes but the writer chose two strange examples; Should Korea be part of a regrowth of the British Empire and be ruled by London? Hey, it worked for Singapore and India.


Anonymous said...

No, Korea is under the protection the great Uncle Sam where true English is spoken.

Anonymous said...

missed an "of"


No, Korea is under the protection of the great Uncle Sam where true English is spoken.

Anonymous said...

Let me see:

Speak English -> You're colonised by the British.

Speak American -> You're proudly independent.

kwandongbrian said...

There is some reason to call the US the last empire. I was surprised to learn that Guam and Saipan were American territories; the US also claims part of Cuba. They've done their share of colonising.

I do think that the US pretty much invented the modern form of democracy (yes, we can go back to Greece with stops along the way, but I did say 'modern') but I feel plenty independent as a Canadian speaking British English.

I want to thank you for spending some time on my site.

oranckay said...

I once knew a Canadian who called the US evil for having colonies.

I reminded him that countries that are colonies never have their own colonies, and that there's some English ajumma on his money.