Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The sea was angry, my friend...

..like an old man at a deli, trying to return soup.
(one of my favorite Seinfeld lines)

While I was struggling up the mountain, several people nearby wished they were higher on the mountain.

From the Times:
High waves along the east coast killed four people, including two children, and overturned dozens of fishing boasts on Sunday, police said.

More than 20 houses were also submerged after being hit by the waves.

The 7-meter-high waves swallowed two children, ages four and seven, while they were playing on a breakwater in Pohang, North Kyongsang Province, according to police.

Another man was found dead in Jumunijin.

The Korea Meteorological Administration forecast larger than normal waves but the actual waves were even larger and now the KMA is in big trouble.

I recall they were also critisized for their lack of warning during an earthquake-driven tsunami (40 cm) in the spring. In that case, I don't think they can be blamed as the tsunami waves move so fast. In this case, I don't know. They knew large waves were coming and gave a warning for 4 metre waves. They were off by almost 200%. I am not a meteorologist but weather reports are often off a little and affected by local conditions. I really don't know if they are at fault but it would be comforting to blame someone...I guess.

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skindleshanks said...

Did anyone see what the waves were like in Sokcho? I would imagine that highway 7 might have been briefly affected, with waves that big.

Sort of wish I had been there, to see the fury.