Saturday, September 11, 2004

Random thoughts

It's late and I'm tired but I don't yet feel like sleeping. Here are a few random thoughts.

BUGS music is Great! For anyone outside of Korea, at Bugs, you can listen to a wide variety of music but you cannot download. It's free. I don't know if there are other services like this. I want some more Canadian content but there can't be that many out there banging down doors for 'Doug and the Slugs' so I guess I can accept their absence. I'm listening to CCR right now. Every now and then, Bugs is threatened with legal action so a few chart topping albums are shown but the music is blocked. The new Barenaked Ladies album was available for a month or two before being blocked. By that time I had the CD so I was set. All of Lou Reed's music is blocked but there's one Velvet Underground available. Here is the site: It's in Korean but it's fairly easy to navigate. At the right- top is a search box. Type in a band or album or song and see what comes up. Click a few boxes and eventually you'll get music.

I went running on Wed and Thurs. I'm taking today off, and probably tomorrow, too. There is a 500+ metre stretch of flat-topped levee near the apartment that I run on. I got up to 10 laps and began wondering how much that '+' was; how far was I running? I ran there on Wed and on Thurs I ran on a track at my university to compare times over a known distance. Big mistake for this only 'young at heart' guy. I managed a solid six km but none of it was fun or smooth. The previous run had been both so I'm back to wondering.

You may wonder why I run on a track or levee at all? Here I am in one of the most rural parts of Korea with roads safe for running and I'm looking for a track. At least I don't ride the elevator to get in my car to ride another elevator to use a running machine. At high school and university I swam competitively and the training involved 60 to 200 lengths of the pool each practice. The repetition doesn't bother me and I don't think that many people run for the view. I sure don't. Running is more like meditation for me; a repetitive act that leaves my mind free.

I guess there's not that many thoughts up there. How much of a surprise is that, really?


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