Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Here's wishing you a Happy Chuseok, unless Chuseok shouldn't be considered 'happy'. Then, a Solemn Chuseok to you. Whatever, maybe the proper descriptive should be 'frustrating' or 'exhausting'.
From the Korea Herald:

For many others, and especially housewives, the Chuseok
holiday is an unwelcome return of stress - time-consuming
journeys to visit parents and relatives as well as preparing
food for ancestral rites.

"I'm still undecided whether I should go to see my

parents-in-law living in Mokpo, South Jeolla Province,"
said Seoul housewife Yoo Sun-ock. "It's usually a five-hour
trip from Seoul to Mokpo, but during the holiday season it
will take as many as 14 hours because of traffic jams. Even
thinking of fighting the mass traffic irritates me so much."

I had a similar distance to travel but flew as the two airports involved are close enough to my home and my in-laws' home to make it feel like door-to-door.

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