Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sokcho Bike Parade

All Gangwondo, and possibly all Korea had bike parade on Saturday. The theme at Sokcho was reducing CO2 emissions.

Here is some grandfather - tinkerer with a motorized bike - the trailer is filled with batteries.

Blogger has seen fit to shuffle the photos and I don't feel like re-ordering them. Below should be the fourth photo. 3km into the ride, I noticed that i was feeling bumps more and more strongly. Carefully, I threaded my way to the sidewalk and found the rear tire was leaking air. I expected to have to cross the road and catch a bus home, but for these would-be helpers.
In fact, they didn't have the proper adaptor for their pump so the tube was made completely unrepairable. At the back of the cyclist group was a truck that we loaded my bike onto and removed a rental (by the city of Sokcho - free for me) for me to complete the ride. All in all, it was wonderfully well organized.

This is near the beginning of the ride. The maximum speed seemed to be about 15 km/hr so we were grouped pretty tightly but at least the young and old didn't feel out of place.

The weekend was also the local Cherry Blossom festival and the entire route was bordered by cherry trees and a pink snow fell as we rode.
The bike at the front is the one I finished the ride on. It was made or set up for a ten-year-old so pedalling took some work but, again, the pace was not taxing. I quickly caught up to the main group.

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By PhoenixStorm said...

bike ride and cherry blossoms. I had the same idea, but the riverfront near the han was under construction. glad you had better luck!