Monday, April 27, 2009

Road Trip

My mother is visiting and we rented a car on the weekend as I have Monday off. I had planned to go to Yeongwol and Taebaek, but decided they were too far. They probably aren't that far, but we were travelling with the little guy and I wanted a trip we all could have fun on. For the record, the longest drives were about two hours and the little guy was great in the car.

So, instead of Yeongwol (I wanted to visit the astronomy observatory), we went to Jeongdongjin and Donghae, returning through Odaesan.

The pictures are in reverse order - I seem to recall blogger uploaded photos in the order I placed them in the past - so I will tell my story in reverse

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Alright, we arrived in Odaesan just before dusk and ran through Woljeong Temple and Sangwon Temple. Below is Sangwon seen from the trail.

Before Odaesan, we went, not to Donghae, but to Mangsang's (just north of Donghae) whale museum. We all enjoyed the whole museum but the little guy most liked the dinosaur models. There were also some fossilized dinosaur footprints that were pretty cool.

Before Donghae, we were in Jeongdongjin. We enjoyed the beach and the hourglass (yearglass?) but the best part was the ship on the hill, part of Suncruise Resorts.
We had an expensive but good meal -your entry ticket gives you a discount, don't throw it away.
Our first stop was the Pre-history museum in Yangyang. There were signs for the museum before construction began so I didn't believe there really was a museum. There is, it's big, beautiful and modern, and it's fun. I wouldn't come to Yangyang for it, but if you are already here, you should see it. It's just across the street from Sol Beach resort.

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