Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spy Astronaut Trainee in Sokcho this weekend

Sokcho is holding a Science festival - or possibly a science fair - this weekend and I am a little so that I will be away and miss it.

I found this poster today advertising that Go-san, one of the top two candidates for Korea's trip into space on a Russian rocket, will be at the festival.

I am not sure if he is a role model. He was chosen, out of several thousand applicants, I think, to be Korea's first astronaut, which makes him the perfect spokesperson for science. On the other hand he lost his chance to fly when he was caught possibly spying, and stealing information to give to Hyundai. That doesn't make for much of a role model.

Possibly, it was an over-reaction by the Russians. If I were on the flight, I might want to know more about how the rocket I'd be trusting my life to worked.

More about espionage story at the Marmot and at GI Korea. Micheal Hurt had more on the final choice for astronaut on his Video Podcast list.

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