Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm an uncle again!

My sister gave birth to AlaskaKai Beck Monday morning. I just got the news from my mom, after sleeping with the cell-phone all night. Mother and child will return home on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

thats great news.. BUt i have to ask, what kinda of hippy name is AlaskaKei? I feel sorry for the kid already. Im all for orginality but thats a borderline ridiculous. It goes well with all the other hippy names like Sunshine , Journey , Sky , Flower ect... Its as tacky as people getting tattoos of roses and skulls.

I hope the kid doesnt get made fun of hehe.

kwandongbrian said...

On the off chance you are serious, I deliberately added a prefix to the name (and to the names of all my family).

I am not really KwandongBrian, my name is two syllables shorter.

You might ask why: a friend worried about starting a 'google-trail' for his son that his son had no control over. He chose to use a pseudonym and I, following his example, make similar changes.