Saturday, October 06, 2007

"...Bowling resurrection east..."

Every semester I tell my students not to use an Internet translator and explain that I will know when if they try.
I asked my third year students to write three or more sentences about their first love and this was one reply. I think the student actually opened her heart and tried to tell me real details instead of glibly floating over the subject (which was all I wanted; when did you meet, how did you meet, what happened to the relationship -my abbreviated answers being, in public school, we were classmates, and I was shy and never said anything - we are merely acquaintances now). Unfortunately, although she bravely chose to write about emotions, she lazily chose to cheat on the homework.

I am not particularly angry. When a student cheats, they get zero and I don't waste time checking the work. When the answer is as crazy as this, I am too amused to be upset. Click to enlarge.

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Karlo said...

Sometimes students must assume we just toss their papers in the circular file and give them random grades based on how much they smile at us in class.